Fergus Wylie on the 'Different Perspective' Podcast hosted by Nick Searle, Zeus

Discussing ESG on the ‘A Different Perspective’ Podcast

Jul 2022

Our co-founder Fergus Wylie was invited to join Nick Searle of independent financial services group Zeus, on the business podcast ‘A Different Perspective’.

In a wide-ranging discussion on ESG and its drivers and challenges, Fergus and Nick debated the view on ESG, how management teams can begin to tackle the topic of ESG, structuring and embedding an ESG programme, and the current criticism directed at parts of ESG.

As the excerpt of the discussion highlights, we believe that that the pressure on organisations to respond to the growing operational, financial, regulatory and reputational challenges and opportunities within ESG will only continue to increase. Organisations and management teams will be required to demonstrate they are taking the issues seriously, that their response and thinking is embedded throughout the organisation, that they are engaging effectively with their stakeholders, setting accountable KPIs and delivering on growing demands for transparency. ESG is here to stay.

A Different Perspective’ features a series of interviews with interesting characters from the world of business and finance, uncovering a different perspective.

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