Intrinsicx 2021

Quantitative and qualitative insight is key to understanding ESG materiality and engaging with stakeholders

Jan 2021

Driven by urgency around climate change and increasing demands from regulators, customers and investors – to name just a few – corporates have become increasingly motivated in recent years to consider their impacts on their people, wider society and to focus on achieving long-term sustainability. The ongoing pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

A first step is often to identify and understand the numerous potential environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that are important and material to a company and its stakeholders, and to build and embed these into a company’s strategy and reporting.  To support this understanding of key issues, SIFA Strategy conducts in-depth materiality assessments, on behalf of its clients, providing both quantitative and qualitative stakeholder feedback, covering a broad range of ESG practices relevant to each company.

Our technology partner Intrinsicx has a unique analytics platform, Informed Insight, which provides supportive insight and metrics to help organisations carry out the quantitative aspects of materiality assessments. It is also designed to conduct broader stakeholder audits and to track and proactively manage – continuously and in real time – sentiment, behaviour, culture and engagement, across employee and other key stakeholder communities.

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Intrinsicx 2021