Artem Kniaz/ Unsplash

Leadership insight for a new era of capitalism

Sep 2019

A new, more inclusive, form of capitalism is emerging, driven by the rise of the millennial generation with a different viewpoint on corporate responsibility. Leaders must now balance the views and influence of multiple stakeholders and, equally importantly, explain both shareholder and social value creation through their corporate narrative.

Key points:

  • Companies face greater transparency challenges and the threat of stakeholder influence and interference. The impact of corporate behaviour and the level of trust with multiple stakeholders is an increasing driver of risk and performance.
  • New insight is required to measure trust and behaviour as a new asset class and area of competitive advantage.
  • Leadership teams and the Board ignore this insight at their peril. Words no longer carry as much influence and are being replaced by evidence of actions as the new public relations tool.
  • Leadership teams, as a minimum, should be assessing the impact of stakeholder trust and corporate behaviour on an annual basis. This is not a complicated process

We are only at the beginning of this significant and unavoidable change to capitalism. Behind the millennials
comes the next economic generation who are already showing they will be even more demanding and active. Leadership and Board insight is going to have to keep up.

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