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A Management Solution to the Changing Corporate Governance Landscape

Mar 2018

Boards and senior management are facing a new governance pressure. 

Organisations must look at how they can better understand and respond to the needs of all their stakeholders and how they can improve their governance and culture. 

Institutional investors are focysing more closely on environmental, social and governance issues when making and monitoring investments and, subsequently, exerting greater pressure on companies to perform and report their progress and provide more evidence behind their assertions. 

Government is moving towards providing a framework which encourages organisations to adopt best practice in terms of their approach to multiple areas of governance. 

Some organisations are ahead of the curve in terms of demonstrating leadership in this area. 

For those who are still considering how to best approach this new management responsibility on wider stakeholder engagement, our Advisory and Measurement services are underpinned by our views on best practice. 

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