Implementing ESG and Engaging Stakeholders

SIFA Strategy is a technical ESG and communications consultancy. We facilitate the oversight and embedding of ESG within a business, providing tailored data, analytics and advice to exploit opportunities, manage risks and communicate effectively to maximise value. Our purpose is to support companies to be sustainable and successful.

Strategic ESG Advice

We advise leadership teams on a holistic approach to environmental, social and governance issues, enabling them to understand, measure and embed ESG within their business model.

ESG Review and Materiality Assessments

We provide detailed reports that review a company’s current ESG status based against best practice. We deliver in-depth ESG materiality assessments to enable leadership teams to identify what is materially important to prioritise actions and develop strategy.

Sustainability Strategies

We support companies across a range of technical ESG requirements including carbon emission strategies; implementing TCFD; sustainable supply chains; accreditations; and non-financial KPI generation and reporting. We put in place integrated ESG strategies & programmes, tailored to each business.

Driving Engagement

We enable companies to assess culture, refresh purpose and values, and drive change. We help companies to communicate effectively and to manage stakeholder expectations. As part of corporate stakeholder engagement responsibilities, we conduct multi-stakeholder audits to measure a company’s broader performance and reputation.