Providing meaningful stakeholder insight to help drive business performance.

We help clients to:

  • Understand issues that are important to you and your stakeholders
  • Measure and analyse the quality of your relationships with your stakeholders
  • Gather insight for Leadership and Boards to measure and improve performance
  • Meet governance and best practice requirements to incorporate stakeholder insight into Board decision-making
  • Assess and monitor your business culture and its impact on material stakeholders
  • Conduct in-depth ESG Materiality Assessments to identify and prioritise strategic actions
  • Review and analyse your current ESG status against best practice 
  • Drive and improve stakeholder engagement with internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify reputational risks and strengths and stakeholder concern
  • Understand key business drivers

Qualitative and Quantitative Insight 

Our technology partner Intrinsicx has a unique analytics platform, Informed Insight, which provides supportive insight and metrics to help organisations carry out the quantitative aspects of materiality assessments. It is also designed to conduct broader stakeholder audits and to track and proactively manage – continuously and in real time – sentiment, behaviour, culture and engagement, across employee and other key stakeholder communities. Read here to understand more.