Senior Advisory

The SIFA Strategy team has many years of experience providing in-house and external advice to leaders on ESG and associated reputational matters. We resolutely support and challenge our clients as a trusted advisor and critical friend.

As ESG has gained momentum and reached the Boardroom agenda, we find ourselves frequently informing, presenting to and briefing ESG Committees, Leadership teams, Boards and Remuneration Committees. The advice ranges from setting governance frameworks for ESG; identifying KPIs; engaging with the capital markets; to evolving narrative and agreeing a company’s level of ambition within ESG.

ESG Review Reports

We undertake assessments of a company’s current ESG activities and positioning based against general and sector best practice. The Reports are based on public data analysis and, when appropriate, senior management engagement. They enable the Board and senior management to gain greater understanding of their current ESG status and identify areas for action.  The Reports are often undertaken by public and private companies as a component of their ESG strategy development.  We also support third parties with ESG Review Reports as part of due diligence processes.

ESG Strategy Creation

We have a proven methodology working with the Board and senior management team to create a tailored ESG strategy for the organisation and we facilitate its implementation. The strategy recognises the complexity of measuring and integrating each element of ESG throughout a company and the connectivity between the environmental, social and governance drivers when embedding ESG in the management systems, behaviours and narrative.

Materiality Assessments

Enabling organisations to understand and measure the material ESG drivers of their business is key, and often the foundation, to a successful long-term ESG programme.  We tailor and implement multi-stakeholder materiality assessments for an organisation so that they can understand impacts, identify priorities and embed an appropriate ESG strategy and action plan that will enhance resilience and performance. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Ongoing stakeholder engagement is at the heart of any effective ESG programme. We are continually conducting both quantitative and qualitative research with clients’ stakeholders to help them to prioritise commercial, operational and material ESG issues; improve stakeholder engagement programmes; and to understand better the key drivers affecting a company’s reputation.

Climate Action

This is no longer the responsibility of the large industrial companies. All organisations, large and small, need to play their part in terms of reducing their environmental impacts and demonstrating their long-term commercial resilience and opportunities as regards climate change.

We help companies to verify and collect their carbon emissions; support them to develop realistic emissions reduction strategies leading to Net-Zero; and implement TCFD, working together to analyse possible future climate change scenarios and consider the potential business impacts.

Social Purpose, Values & Impact

Often recognised as the key aspect in terms of securing the long-term sustainability of a business, this means different things to different businesses and is generally harder to quantify.  

Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as guidance, we advise clients on a range of issues such as defining purpose, enhancing their values, developing a social impact strategy, community investment, sustainable supply chains, diversity, training & development, innovation for impact, creation of foundations etc.

Regulation & Reporting

ESG regulation and associated reporting standards and frameworks are continually evolving. We help clients navigate what is often referred to as ‘alphabet soup’ to ensure that they are adopting best practice, complying with regulatory guidance and deadlines and reporting and disclosing transparently.

Narrative Development

A company’s narrative needs to support and communicate how ESG is being embedded within a company’s business model. We help clients to develop a narrative which sets out a client’s ESG strategy while responding to the demands of its investors, customers, employees and other material stakeholders.

ESG Training & Workshops

We run tailored ESG training and workshops providing an opportunity for companies to bring together groups of people to discuss the challenges of ESG and the opportunities to create value within their business.