Measuring and managing corporate behaviour, culture and stakeholder engagement

SIFA Strategy is founded on the principle that understanding and engagement of stakeholders must be embedded in an organisation’s strategic framework, helping to inform and influence business planning, decision-making, the corporate narrative and communications. Actively taking into account wider stakeholder interests is Board best practice and has become a corporate governance requirement. 

SIFA Strategy helps you to:

  • Understand issues that are important to you and your stakeholders
  • Measure and analyse the quality of your relationships with your stakeholders
  • Better communicate around issues and engage stakeholders in dialogue
  • Gather insight for management and Boards to measure and improve performance
  • Link stakeholder feedback to incentivisation and commercial goals
  • Review and adapt your corporate narrative 
  • Develop best practice corporate affairs and communication programmes, based on over 25 years’ experience

Our bespoke research enables an organisation to gain a full understanding of the key drivers of its engagement, reputation, culture and corporate behaviour across key stakeholder groups - identifying areas of reputational risk and strength. Our insight programes are also applied to reputational due diligence and risk assessment processes and include ongoing monitoring and analysis.

Through our advisory practice, we provide input into corporate narrative development as well as programmes for improved strategic communications and stakeholder engagement.

Our Products:

Our measurement tools are run on an innovative technology platform which enables access to real-time, actionable and business-linked insights for our clients on stakeholder sentiment and organisational performance. We provide our clients with a direct understanding of how their performance and engagement is being rated by stakeholders.

Reputation Report™

A tailored and in-depth stakeholder research and insights programme to enable better understanding of stakeholders and help embed stakeholder engagement and reputation as an ongoing commercial discipline. We help to set up in-house reputation programmes, analyse and present quantitative and qualitative results, make recommendations and advise on related strategic issues. Read more

Stakeholder Scorecard™

An easy-to-implement scorecard to measure and manage stakeholder support for your organisation against pre-determined performance criteria. It is designed to enhance management understanding and enable peer and sector comparisons. It can be regularly updated and used for both internal and external reporting requirements. Read more

Stakeholder Scorecard™ Plus

A tailored scorecard which utilises the pre-determined performance criteria of the Stakeholder Scorecard with additional bespoke assessments specific to each client’s business. It provides more in-depth measurement and understanding of stakeholder support for your organisation, with peer and sector comparisons. 

Getting Started - Review and Analysis:

Based on our experience and expertise, SIFA Strategy provides analysis and recommendations for companies including a review of existing collaterals related to stakeholder engagement, culture and the relevant corporate governance code requirements. We aim to provide companies with a detailed picture of the organisation’s current status and guidelines for best practice as it works to develop or enhance its own approach to reporting on stakeholder engagement and culture and meeting expectations from shareholders. This is delivered to Boards, NEDs, senior management and/or communications teams in the form of a Report or Presentation.

The SIFA Review includes:

  • Overview of relevant corporate governance requirements
  • Demands and expectations from investors
  • Guidelines for best practice and meeting corporate governance requirements
  • Review and analysis of publicly available information and collaterals
  • Recommendations for next steps and approach

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