We help organisations to gain a full understanding of the key drivers of their reputation

Stakeholder engagement, corporate culture and reputation can be understood, measured and managed for commercial and enterprise value creation.

Understanding of stakeholders must feature and be embedded in an organisation’s strategic framework, helping to inform and influence business planning, decision-making, corporate behaviour and communication.

We provide bespoke research, measurement and monitoring tools and associated recommendations to enable an organisation to gain a full understanding of the key drivers of its reputation performance across key stakeholder groups, including ongoing data and analytics.

Our Products:

Reputation Report

A tailored and in-depth stakeholder research and insights programme to enable better understanding of stakeholders and help embed stakeholder engagement and reputation as an going commercial discipline.We help to set up in-house reputation programmes, analyse and present quantitative and qualitative results, make recommendations and advise on related strategic issues. Read more

Stakeholder Scorecard

An easy-to-implement scorecard to measure and manage stakeholder support for your organisation against pre-determined performance criteria.This is designed to enhance management understanding and enable peer and sector comparisons.It can be regularly updated and used for both internal and external reporting requirements. Read more

Stakeholder Scorecard Plus

A tailored scorecard which utilises the pre-determined performance criteria of the Stakeholder Scorecard with additional assessments specific to each client’s business.This enables an added bespoke layer of analysis to the Scorecard, providing a more in-depth measurement and understanding of stakeholder support for your organisation, with peer and sector comparisons.