Providing meaningful stakeholder insight to help drive business performance.

Underpinned by a unique technology platform, we work with senior management teams to enable them to understand and embed stakeholder measurement and engagement programmes to assist decision-making, drive performance, support ESG criteria, inform reporting responsibilities, and maximise the corporate narrative.

SIFA Strategy helps you to:

  • Understand issues that are important to you and your stakeholders
  • Measure and analyse the quality of your relationships with your stakeholders
  • Gather insight for management and Boards to measure and improve performance
  • Assess and monitor your business culture and its impact on material stakeholders
  • Understand key business drivers
  • Identify reputational risks and strengths and stakeholder concern

Our Products:

SIFA Culture Discovery

We help clients to understand their culture. Having agreed the most appropriate approach and methodology with the client, we conduct a series of in-depth, qualitative interviews with a range of stakeholders to gauge the current status and identify any gaps, issues, challenges and opportunities. We submit a report with our findings and recommendations for next steps.

SIFA Governance Review

Provides an overview of relevant corporate governance requirements and outlines the demands and expectations from investors. The SIFA Review provides guidelines for best practice and meeting corporate governance requirements. It includes a review and analysis of publicly available information and collaterals and offers recommendations for next steps and approach.

SIFA Stakeholder Engagement and Measurement Workshop

For those organisations not sure what approach to adopt and how to implement a stakeholder engagement and measurement programme, we offer a series of workshops with the Board, senior management and in-house teams to start stakeholder and culture programmes in line with best practice.

Reputation Report™

A tailored and in-depth stakeholder research and insights programme to enable better understanding of stakeholders and help embed stakeholder engagement and reputation as an ongoing commercial discipline. We help to set up in-house reputation programmes, analyse and present quantitative and qualitative results, make recommendations and advise on related strategic issues. Read more

Stakeholder Scorecard™

An easy-to-implement scorecard to measure and manage stakeholder support for your organisation against pre-determined performance criteria. It is designed to enhance management understanding and enable peer and sector comparisons. It can be regularly updated and used for both internal and external reporting requirements. Read more

Stakeholder Scorecard™ Plus

A tailored scorecard which utilises the pre-determined performance criteria of the Stakeholder Scorecard with additional bespoke assessments specific to each client’s business. It provides more in-depth measurement and understanding of stakeholder support for your organisation, with peer and sector comparisons. 

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