SIFA Strategy is a specialist stakeholder engagement and reputation consultancy.

We provide senior level advice, often underpinned by research and analytics, to organisations serious about managing and improving their relationships with stakeholders, and engaging with them effectively, for both commercial and valuation benefit. Our guiding principle is that stakeholders support an organisation based on its actions and corporate behaviour – not on what it says or promises.

Stakeholder engagement – no longer optional

By June 2018, the Boards of UK companies will have no choice but to have adequate data to understand, manage and report on how a range...

Corporate governance reform – here to stay

SIFA Strategy commissioned research, just before this year’s General Election, into the preparedness and support of Corporate Britain for...

SIFA Forum: Corporate Scandals and Public Hostility to Business

We examined the threat to business from low levels of public trust and the scepticism which exists towards the conduct of big business. It is clear that unless business takes action to address the threats to its collective licence to operate, it will face increasingly disruptive stakeholder action.