A specialist stakeholder insight and engagement consultancy.

We help clients to better understand and engage with multiple stakeholders, acting on our tailored insight to drive performance in commercial areas and manage intangible assets such as culture, ESG and reputation.

A strategic communications consultancy.

The founders have a 25-year track record of advising organisations across different industries and geographies on their corporate and financial communications and marketing programmes.

Engaging the workforce and stakeholders in 2019

We recommend every Board ask itself four questions. The answers will determine their preparedness for the new Corporate Governance Code requirements and future best practice.

Culture, Behaviour and Stakeholder Engagement - Moving up the Investor Agenda

SIFA Strategy conducted research amongst institutional investors with high exposure to UK equities with the aim of understanding investor attitudes to upcoming Corporate Governance changes, including the requirements around stakeholder engagement and culture, and harnessing views on how investment decision-making processes are and will continue to change.